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PiggyVest Referral Program: Make Money On PiggyVest Referral Program

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As a Piggyvest user, are you aware that you can make money on Piggyvest referral program? Let me show you how in this guide.

One of the best ways people seek to make independent money online is through a referral program. 

They help some platforms and websites promote their businesses using the referral system and getting paid. 

This same system is applied to PiggyVest, where you can make money with the PiggyVest Referral Program.

In this article, we will discuss extensively how you can make money online with the Piggyvest referral program.

Before then, let’s talk a bit about Piggyvest.

What is the PiggyVest referral program?

The PiggyVest referral program is a make money online option initiated by PiggyVest

The referral program aims to reward users who invite their friends, family, and acquaintances to use PiggyVest.

You can make money (known as the referral bonus) when you refer anyone PiggyVest, and they sign up using your unique referral code or link.

However, this initiative is an excellent opportunity for people who want to make extra money online without spending any money. 

However, you need to invite people to sign up on PiggyVest using your referral code to earn a referral bonus for each person who successfully joins through your link or code. 

Moreover, the PiggyVest referral program has no limit on how many people you can use the service. 

Neither are you limited to the number of people you can refer. 

This means that you can invite as many people as you want and earn a bonus for each person that signs up. 

How Does The PiggyVest referral program work?

To make money on PiggyVest referral program involves a simple and effective way for users.

Bieber, you need to get a unique referral link that can be shared with friends, family, and social media followers.

When anyone signs up for PiggyVest using your unique referral link, the user gets a reward of a cash bonus. 

However, the bonus amount varies depending on the plan the new user selects, but you can get from 500 to 2,000 naira. 

The new user (who uses your link) will also receive a bonus as a welcome gift

However, the new user has to complete their account setup and make a minimum initial deposit of at least 1,000 naira to qualify for the referral bonus. 

Once setups are completed, both you and the new member receive their bonuses, which are immediately available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

Also, you can track your referrals and earnings on the PiggyVest platform to get a detailed breakdown of each referral and bonus earned.

As said earlier, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so your earning potential is limitless.

However, you need to follow this to kickstart your PiggyVest referral program.

The steps are explained below in the next section. 

How To Make Money On PiggyVest Referral Program

With the PiggyVest referral program, you can earn money continuously by referring your friends and family to the platform. 

To get started, 

Sign up for a PiggyVest account

The first thing to do is to create an account with PiggyVest if you don’t have one already. 

Download the PiggyVest app to sign up. 

You can also use the piggyvest website

Get your referral link

The second step is to get your referral link.

Once you have an active account, you’ll get a unique referral link that you can share with your friends and family.

Share your referral link

Once you get your referral link, you have to share it with people who might be interested in joining via social media, email, or text message.

You can also use your website to promote your PiggyVest referral link to your audience if you have any. 

Earning a referral bonus

When anyone signs up for a new account using your referral link and completes their first transaction, which includes making a savings deposit, you’ll earn a referral bonus.

However, the bonus you get can vary depending on the percentage of the amount your friend saves or invests on the platform.

Withdraw your referral bonus

You can use your referral bonus to fund your savings or investment plans on the PiggyVest platform

You can also withdraw the bonus to your bank account.

However, you have to keep referring to continuously earning referral programs. 

Why people use PiggyVest referral program

Aside from the fact that you can make money on PiggyVest referral program, it offers a number of benefits to both new and existing users of the platform, which include and are not limited to: 

  • It is Easy to use

The referral program is easy to use as you only need to share your unique referral link with your friends, family, and colleagues via social media, email, or other communication channels.

  • You can Increase your savings

When you refer people, and they join, you are not only helping them to start saving and investing their money. 

You are also helping to increase your own savings. You may be considered eligible for referral bonuses and other rewards.

  • Social impact

As PiggyVest is committed to promoting financial literacy, you are helping to achieve this goal by referring people to this platform which can bring about a positive social impact on your community and beyond.

  • Long-term benefits

With the PiggyVest referral program, you can continue to refer, save and invest on the platform, and you will continue to earn commissions and other rewards. 

This is because it is a long-term program and can provide a steady source of passive income over time.

Key Takeaway on Piggyvest Referall Program

The PiggyVest referral program is a simple way to earn extra income when you refer new users to the Piggyvest platform. 

You will be rewarded with a referral bonus for each new user who uses your referral code to join the platform and completes their first transaction on the platform.

However, the amount you receive as your  referral bonus can vary as it is usually a percentage of the amount the referral saves or invests on PiggyVest 

You can use the Piggyvest website or download the Piggyvest mobile app to sign up if you haven’t. 

Then get your unique referral code to share on social media and other platforms to get more people to sign up. 

The amount you earn on Piggyvest is based on the number of people you refer to the platform.

So, to continuously earn money, you have continuously referred people, as their no limitation to the number of people you can refer. 

We hope this article about making money on piggyvest referral program is helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions On PiggyVest Referral Program

How much can I earn from the PiggyVest referral program?

The amount you earn from the PiggyVest referral program varies depending on the number of people you can refer. 

However, you can get between N500 to N1,000 referral bonus depending on the amount that your new user saves. 

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to PiggyVest?

For now, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to PiggyVest.

Moreover, the program is based on the more you refer, the more you earn. 

Just ensuring you share your unique code with people to register with. 

How can I withdraw my referral bonus from PiggyVest?

You can withdraw your referral bonus from PiggyVest safe lock saving to your bank account. 

To withdraw your referral bonus, go to the “Withdraw” section of the PiggyVest app or website and simply follow the prompts.

Can I use my referral bonus to fund my piggyvest savings or investment plans?

Yes, you can save or invest your referral bonus

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